The Show

8bitflip is an annual 2-day pinball and video arcade retro-gaming event run in partnership between Northern Lights Pinball and Arcade Club. Hosted at Arcade Club in Bury Europe’s largest independent video and pinball gaming arcade venue, 8bitflip offers a truly unique and genuine arcade experience for the serious pinball and video arcade game player. There will be over 250 pinball and video arcade games from the 80’s, 90’s and beyond available to play over the weekend with competitions for the serious gamer. Don’t miss it!


Northern Lights Pinball supports good causes through donations.

Northern Lights Pinball is staffed by a group of volunteers and run with with the aim to promote pinball whilst raising money for charity and good causes. Since Northern Lights Pinball started it has raised over £20,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust from the show that runs in Autumn each year. 8bitflip is a joint venture between Arcade Club and Northern Lights Pinball. This year Northern Lights Pinball will be donating its share of any profit from 8bitflip towards the medical costs of Mekayla Ramsey. Mekayla is the sister of Darren Ball, one of the organisers of Northern Lights Pinball. Mekayla lives in the USA where there is no access to the free medical care that we have here in the UK. She is battling against Gardener’s Syndrome. You can read more of Mekayla’s story on the fundraising page


Visitors can look forward to a selection of friendly and fun competitions for players of all abilities. Read more on our competitions page

Note that places to our signature competition ‘The Big Flip’ are limited, so please buy your entry promptly. Entry to this competition is £10.00 per person and can only be purchased with a show entry.

To encourage everyone to take part, any player eliminated before the start of round 3 will receive a full refund of their £10 competition entry fee.

You can buy your entry now on the tickets page.