The Big Flip


  • The competition will consist of a series of rounds, in each of which players will play head to head on a number of machines drawn at random from all the functioning machines at the show.
  • If all players in a match agree, they may request one substitute machine in each round (to avoid playing a malfunctioning or badly set up game)
  • Maximum competition entries will be limited to 64 (if less than the maximum number is reached the numbers below may be modified to suit the actual entries)
  • “Best of 3” will be calculated on a win/lose basis, with the first player to win 2 games being declared the winner, at which point the round ends for that pair.
  • “Mini league” results will be calculated on a Points basis (1st place 9 pts, 2nd 5 pts, 3rd 2 pts, 4th 0 pts)

Round 1: Max 64 players
11am to 12 noon

  • Players compete in pairs in a “best of 3” match on up to 3 different randomly chosen machines.
  • No-one goes out of the tournament in this round.
  • Winners in this round join Group A, Losers join Group B

Round 2: Max 64 Players
12 noon to 2pm

  • Group A and Group B are each divided into sets of up to 4 players and play a “mini league” match on 5 randomly chosen different machines.
  • In each Group A set: Top placed player gets a bye to Round 4, Second placed player progresses to round 3, Remaining players drop out.
  • In each Group B set: Top two placed players progress to Round 3,
  • Remaining players drop out

Round 3: 24 Players
2pm to 3pm

  • Players are divided into sets of 4 players and play a “mini league” match on 3 randomly chosen different machines.
  • Top placed player in each set progresses to Round 4
  • Other remaining players drop out

Round 4: 14 Players
3pm to 4pm

  • Players are divided into pairs and play a “mini-league” match on 3 randomly chosen different machines.
  • Winner in each pair progresses to Round 5, loser drops out except the best performing loser also progresses to Round 5.
  • Best performing loser will be calculated by taking the overall losing players actual score as a percentage of the overall winning players score on each of the machines separately and then taking the average.

Round 5: 8 Players
4pm to 5pm

  • Players are divided into pairs and play a “mini league” match on 3 randomly chosen different machines.
  • The winner of each pair progresses to The Final

The Final: 4 Players

  • Players play finals as a foursome mini – league.
  • Each player chooses one machine to play and a further machine is drawn at random

Note: Rounds will start earlier if previous round games are completed


Results of the 2017 Big Flip competition

1stMartin Ayub
2ndCraig Pullen
3rdMatt Vince
4thAid Cooper
5thWayne Johns
6thJohn Parkins
7thFrederico Dominguez
8thGarry Speight
9thTom Fletcher
10thDarren Ball
11thIan Walmsley
12thKrzysztof Gwiazda
13thHelmut Langenbruch
14thAndy Foster
15thPaul Garner
16th=David Dodds
16th=Tim Porter
19th=Harry Bolt
19th=Paul Brookfield
19th=Colin Clunie
19th=Kirk Sadler
22ndChris Edis
23rdRichard Garbutt
24thNick Hamill
25thDan Lewell
27th=Stewart Judson
27th=Greg Mott
27th=Vicki Oxlade
27th=Steven Smith
31st=David Dutton
31st=John Gray
31st=Matthew Sutcliffe
34th=Peter Blakemore
34th=Dan Hardy
34th=Dave Wilcox
36thMike Kindler
39th=Steven Kielty
39th=Malcolm Lashley
39th=Mark O'Rourke
39th=Simon Oxlade
39th=Paul Pattinson
39th=Alan Syson
43rdChristopher Wilson
45th=Ailsa Clunie
45th=Chris Miller
45th=Paul Owen
47th=Dan Bradford
47th=Julie Chambers
49thStephen Sutcliffe
50thKristian Rossi
51stGraeme Haynes
52ndEmil Dreiborg