The Old Flip


1. Players may purchase up to two entries.

2. Each entry entitles the player to play 4 of the 8 tables in the competition plus a “Joker”

3. The Joker may be used to play one previously played table a further time. The player may keep the existing score on that table or substitute the new score.

4. The highest scoring player on each of the 8 tables will progress to the semi-finals

5. Where a player would qualify for the semi-finals on more than one table, the table on which they beat the second placed player by the highest percentage margin will count and their position removed from consideration on the other tables on which they achieved first place. This process would be repeated as necessary until there are eight distinct players in the semi-finals

6. The semi-finals will be played as three four player matches for each group of four. The qualifiers on tables 1 – 4 will form one group and those from tables 5 – 8 the other.  A 7-5- 2-1 scoring system will be used. The tables to be used will be chosen at random from the four games not previously qualified on by any participant in each group.

7. The two highest scoring players in each semi final will progress to the final, the other two players will go into a playoff for places 5 – 8. In the event of draw for qualification for the final a single game on a randomly chosen table will be used to determine which of the drawn players goes through to the final

8. The Final and the 5-8 playoff will each consist of a single four player match. The table to be played will be chosen by the player with the lowest score in the semi-finals and the playing order will be chosen by the players starting with the highest scoring player in the semi finals and working downwards. Where there are tied positions a coin toss will be used to decide who gets the choice.


Results of the 2017 Old Flip Classics competition

1stDavid Dutton
2ndAndrew Foster
3rdMatt Vince
4thGreg Mott
5thTom Fletcher
6thDan Lewell
7thPaul Garner
8thWayne Johns
10th=Emil Dreiborg
10th=Martin Ayub
10th=Nick Hamill
10th=Ian Walmsley
13th=Dave Willcox
13th=Daniel Bradford
16th=Mike Kindler
16th=Phoebe Lewell
16th=John Parkins
16th=Ronnie P
19th=Kristian Rossi
19th=Stewart Judson
22nd=Tim Porter
22nd=Peter Blakemore
22nd=Steven Kielty
24th=Steve Akroyd
24th=Julie Chambers
26th=Chris Jones
27th=Stephen Sutcliffe
28th=Colin Clunie
29th=Ailsa Clunie
30th=Matthew Sutcliffe